Self-Acceptance – By Rev. Marcy Ellen

By Rev. Marcy Ellenself_acceptance_loveOMTimes

Accepting one’s self fully is the first step in creating a New World that is steeped in love verses fear. The problem, although we may perceive it to be “out there” in the external world, really lies within each of us. Whenever we act out from the ego in anger or frustration the source of that anger or frustration is merely the result of our own self-denial. When we do not accept portions of ourselves because we don’t see them or because we don’t want to see them, then we do not have full self-acceptance which means we cannot love ourselves fully.

The physical world is a mirror. When you see and call attention to the faults in other people the reason that these faults seem obvious to you in the first place is because the universe is reflecting back to you a part of yourself that you refuse to see and therefore cannot accept. It does this because nature’s first order of business is evolution. In order for you to evolve spiritually or any other way you must first recognize the things that need evolving.

If you are judgemental, for example, but you do not recognize that flaw in yourself then the universe will reflect that quality back to you through other people. You will begin to see that quality highlighted in others until you have a self-reflecting “ah-ha” moment (as Oprah calls it) and realize, “whoa, wait a second. Maybe I’m judgemental.” When you have this “ah-ha” moment a few things immediately begin to happen. One is that now you have begun the process of accepting a part of yourself that you have been denying for some time so you are taking one more step towards being whole. The second is that once you accept this quality in yourself your awareness alone begins to transform this quality. You don’t have to DO anything to change. Evolution is always happening. You just have to be AWARE so that you can ALLOW it to happen through you. The third thing is that with self-acceptance comes self-love which is so important. If we do not have 100% self-love then we cannot extend 100% love outwardly to others in the world.

Think of self-love as the oxygen mask that pops out of the overhead compartment in an airplane when oxygen levels are dangerously low. Having self-love is akin to putting your oxygen mask on first before you assist others with theirs. Once you are fully receiving the amount of oxygen required for your health and survival then you are in a good place to assist others. If you run around trying to help others before putting your own mask on, not only will you NOT be any help to others but you will have created a situation that is detrimental to yourself as well.When you accept only certain things about yourself, then you cannot love yourself fully. If you only accept 50% of yourself but the other 50% you just don’t want to see or accept it would be like having an oxygen mask with an obstruction in the middle of the breathing tube. If you have the mask on but you are only receiving 50% of the available oxygen you may be more useful than someone who has no oxygen mask, but imagine how much more help you could give if you were breathing in 100% of the oxygen supply.When we accept ourselves fully then we are giving ourselves 100% of our love. We are breathing in all of the available oxygen. Now we can be confident that our abilities to share love with others will never be compromised. Everything must begin within us. When we fully love and accept ourselves, what we find is an outcome full of love and acceptance of those around us.

Your outside world is a reflection of your inside world. If you don’t like the reflection, change the person standing in front of the mirror. In order to ALLOW change to happen you must first ACCEPT all the parts that need changing. Then evolution will naturally happen through you.

Rev. Marcy Ellen is a spiritual channel, Reiki Master, radio host, and an author with a Master of Divinity Degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She and her two children reside in Colorado.