A Temporary Retreat In Order To Leap Ahead Once Again

Posted on January 27th, 2013 at 9:06 am  Question: Sometimes by revealing the ego inside me, I feel that I can’t get rid of it; that I can’t attain the goal.  Answer: That’s true. But this is already the next level. For example, I brought a friend a present yesterday and I thought that I really loved him and that I was so devoted to him.  And today I discover what I did not understand yesterday: It turns out that I did this since I calculated things for my own benefit.  Yesterday I couldn’t see my thought to the end; I couldn’t discern my desire; only my love toward the friend was revealed to me. And now it turns out that I was pursing my self-interest in this love. Thus, what was concealed from me yesterday is revealed today, so what should I do now?  First, I don’t regret what happened yesterday. I did what I did according to my powers, and it’s thanks to my action that I reveal the next level today, a thicker desire, which is much deeper with an intention of in order to receive for myself. So what? Now I approach the correction. This happens time after time, and so it says, “What is waste for the upper is food for the lower.” Now I try to make efforts to adapt myself to the upper, and he presents me with an example, “Look, this is Me, you can be like Me, which means not using the vessels of receiving, restricting them, and adhering to Me, doing your best to act like Me.”  This means that I restrict my AHP, and adhere to His AHP with my GE, and thus rise. First, I must isolate my GE from my AHP. I annul it and perform the first restriction (Tzimtzum Aleph – ZA) on it and use only the vessels of bestowal toward the AHP of the upper. If we become equal, my GE and His AHP becomes ten Sefirot. By that I adhere to the upper and “enter” Him, and am now called an“embryo (Ubar),” and the upper AHP becomes a womb for me. Thus I constantly rise to Him by increasingly annulling myself time aftertime.  Question: But it is precisely in that moment that I usually want to escape from the group. How can I stay in it? How can I continue thework despite everything?  Answer: I can only say one thing: Your urge to escape from the group indicates that the Creator, the Light, shows you several additional desires by which you can now enter the upper. However, without these interruptions you couldn’t penetrate Him. So now you develop the right attitude toward Him.  The escape is also necessary since otherwise you wouldn’t feel the additional desire. You have to feel the additional desire, to regret it, to come back to the group again, and to start working in order to receive the Light that corrects the desire. When you correct the additional desire, you are incorporated in the upper again. Such a circle should be drawn.  Suppose you adhere to the upper, but you haven’t entered the upper yet. Now comes a certain interruption: (Boom!), and from the blow that you receive on the head you forget everything. This happens so that you will make the whole circle, connect to the group again, return to the starting point again, and continue. Thus you “digest” the desire that has awoken that throws you in different directions.  Suddenly you don’t come to the lessons or don’tuse your spare time purposefully (you go to the cinema instead of disseminating). You have to feel the heavy desire that you received(+), regret it (-), and turn to the group. Then, when the group influences you by the Light that Reforms (O”M) you decide to adhere to the upper again, no matter what.  Eventually you return, having acquired a greater power that enables you to overcome the interruption, you enter the upper, like an embryo, and adhere to the “wall of the womb.” So after the theoretical explanations, only a strong united group can help you, only in it can you advance.  Accordingly, a person who lives far away from the friends should worry about that even more. It’s not good if a person has to be in contact with friends over great distances; it’s even worse if he can’t listen to lessons live, and what’s even worse is if he is not part of a group. One should constantly make sure that the interruptions in the connection between us should be beneficial and not harmful.  [98724] From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/23/13, Shamati #9