Chanting with a Youthful Spirit

[13.03.19 monologue for SGI Discussion Meeting]

“Let’s chant with a youthful spirit and show actual proof now” is our theme for HQ Day on the 7th of April.

As we have already had a discussion on “Actual Proof” not so long ago, I think that we should look more closely at “youthful spirit,” its implications, context and ramifications.

Our theme for HQ Day begins with “Let Us Chant with a Youthful Spirit…”

So, is it only in chanting that we will display a youthful spirit? …perhaps this will be a short discussion, for as we are ALL chanting like a galloping young horse, “we have this sorted.”

But maybe it is not just the external appearance which should NOT be lethargic; but also our INTENTIONS and DETERMINATIONS whilst chanting “…like a galloping horse.”

I looked in the dictionary for Youthful:

Youthful = having a characteristic of young people.

  • lively
  • energetic
  • enthusiastic
  • bold “…a leap first then look attitude.”
  • experimenting with drugs & sex
  • promiscuity, vitality, vigour
  • sprightly, young and pliable, springy, nimble
  • animated
  • immature, underdeveloped, undeveloped, childish, inexperienced, ignorant

How does this get modified when it is in the context of spirit?

Youthful Spirit = the Spirit (physical & emotional vitality) having these characteristics.

So now I tried saying each of these attributes with “…that’s the Spirit.” appended to the end …to see if it “felt” right.

Let’s all try that… a little group participation. When I say the words from the previous list, I will pause for everyone to say “that’s the Spirit.”


  • lively  […that’s the Spirit.]
  • energetic  […that’s the Spirit.]
  • enthusiastic  […that’s the Spirit.]
  • bold “…a leap first then look attitude.”  […that’s the Spirit.]
  • experimenting with drugs & sex  […that’s the Spirit.]
  • promiscuity, vitality, vigour  […that’s the Spirit.]
  • sprightly, young and pliable, springy, nimble  […that’s the Spirit.]
  • animated  […that’s the Spirit.]
  • immature, underdeveloped, undeveloped, childish, inexperienced, ignorant  […that’s the Spirit.]

And I realized that all the attributes which sounded OK with the appendix “…that’s the Spirit” could be encapsulated in one, or rather a married pair: “sexual promiscuity.”

It is energetic, enthusiastic, bold, experimental, full of vitality and vigour, and indeed animated.

So shall we chant with a bit of Sexual Promiscuity …and spread the Seed of Buddhism far and wide?

To love God is the ultimate notion of purity in faith. To love ourselves in the context of our Buddhist nature being within each and every one of us, is the best path to unconditional love for all.

Then shan’t we Make Love to our internal God… indeed… have an Intimate Relationship with the Dharma …dabble is a bit of Promiscuity by exploring Boldly the ramifications of all the illustrations and parables… in our own life, and the lives of those with whom we interact?

In the Lotus Sutra, it is said, “this teaching is profound and difficult to understand.”

Is sexual promiscuity an illustration of how we should feel; and the energy, boldness and enthusiasm we should dedicate to our Faith, Study, and application of the Practice? [By “practice.” I mean Buddhism, not sex.]

We erroneously say that promiscuity implies lack of dedication, lack of commitment. On this physical plane, it is easy to agree with that… But that assumption is based on clinging & attachment, …the very human attribute that we, as Buddhists, strive to extinguish. Promiscuity, without attachment and clinging, and you are still left with the sex which is imbued with all the fetters of the six senses. Extinguish that and what remains is the youthful spirit we should chant with.

So shall we chant with a rhythmic exhilaration matched by no sexual partner; ejaculate our very essence in our determination for Human Revolution, and end our chanting with a climactic resolve and faith in this unconditional love for our practice and everyone’s potential Buddha-hood?

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