Science is one method …

Science is one method of understanding the world around us. Contrary to popular understanding, toting a conclusion to the exclusion of all other possibilities is not part of science; though it has become such in the politicized version of science. Indeed, science is about observation; creating a hypothesis based on observation in order to enhance our understanding; collecting evidence in support of, or in contradiction to this hypothesis; and/or testing the hypothesis through reproducible experimentation.

With regard to Evolution, the operative wording is “theory of”. As soon as one dismisses other theories you have stepped outside of the realm of science. Similarly with Climate Change. It is a rationale hypothesis that man’s industrial activities are at least partly responsible for climate change. But evidence also supports the idea that there are natural tendencies involved as well.

Proper science will always be inviting to new evidence and new theories. Science is an open platform for investigation and hypothesizing. Passionate attitudes about truth, are merely tools for commercial and political purposes.